Cato Barend van Schalkwyk
ART Director
I am an art director with a strong background in illustration and graphic design. I spent nearly a decade working in digital publishing and corporate communications where I specialised in visualising complex business processes and developing creative methods to encourage knowledge transfer. 
In 2014 I left my role at a large bank to launch ToDoodle Design as a visual communications specialist with an emphasis on print design. As a keen networker and strong believer in collaboration I began assembling and heading up talented teams to complement my skills and help me deliver more complex - and most importantly - more exciting projects than I could do alone.  I have developed a strong network of artists, designers, researchers, copywriters, printers, framers, fabricators, and installers to ensure that even the most complex projects are delivered with professionalism and attention to detail at every step of the process.
Since setting up ToDoodle Design I have worked as an art director with a number of prestigious clients and agencies. I am able to devise and follow through with strong, innovative and imaginative concepts that will engage and delight your audience and I am always looking for new and challenging projects to work on.
If you have an idea or a project you want to get going on I am eager to hear about it!  Please get in touch at:
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